Sessioneer Information

Name:   Steve Dayton
City:   West Jordan
State/Province:   Utah
Country:   United States
Email Address:
ICQ #:   (None Available)
Web Site:
Instrument(s):   Harmonica
Low Whistle
Simple-System Flute
Tin Whistle
Notes:   I'm a graphic designer and electronic production specialist. I'm a late comer on the music scene (40 years late) but better late than never as they say. I have taught myself to play the recorder and harmonica and am trying to teach myself to play the tinwhistle not to mention a glass flute in D that I got for a birthday a year ago. As of Christmas 99 I am a Ukulele player and I am having a ball with it. I love early music, and I like some blues and some irish music. So far the only place I play is at home by myself. It's fun though.