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Browse through the list below to find a tune you are interested in. You can view sheet music by clicking on the GIF or JPG file, or listen to the tune by clicking on the MIDI file. To see more information about a particular tune, click on its name.
Tune Name Composer Form GIF/JPG File MIDI File
The College Groves   Traditional   Reel   college.gif    
Colonel Fraser   McFadden   Reel   colonel fraser - reel.jpg   fraser - reel.mid  
The Concertina Reel   Traditional   Reel   concertina.gif    
The Congress Reel   Traditional   Reel   congress.gif   congress.mid  
Cooley's Reel   Traditional   Reel   cooleysreel.gif    
Cottage in the Grove   Traditional   Reel   cottage.gif   cottage.mid  
The Cup of Tea   Traditional   Reel   cuptea.gif   cuptea.mid  
The Dairy Maid   Traditional   Reel   dairymaid.gif    
The Dancing Tailor   Traditional ?   Reel   dancingtailor.gif    
The Derry Reel   Traditional   Reel   derry.gif   derry.mid  
Desi Wilkinson's   Traditional?   Reel   desiwilk.gif   desiwilk.mid  
Dinky's   Francie Dearg Byrne   Reel   dinkys.gif    
Dinny O'Brien's Reel   Traditional   Reel   dinny o'brien's reel.gif   dinny_o_.mid  
Doctor Gilbert (The Dispute at the Crossroads)   Traditional   Reel   drgilbrt.gif   drgilbrt.mid  
Dowd's No. 9   Traditional   Reel   dowds no. 9.gif   dowds9.mid  
Drowsy Maggie   Traditional   Reel   dmaggie.gif   dmaggie.mid  
The Drunken Landlady   Traditional   Reel   the drunken landlady.gif    
The Dunmore Lasses   Traditional   Reel   dunmore.gif   dunmore.mid  
dusty windowsills   Traditional   Reel      
Eddie Kelly's Reel   Eddie Kelly?   Reel   eddie kelly's reel.gif    
Ester's   Traditional   Reel   ester.gif    
The Fair Wind   Traditional   Reel   fairwind.gif   fairwind.mid  
The Fair Wind   Traditional   Reel   fair wind.gif    
Farewell to Milltown   Traditional   Reel   farewell to   farewell to  
Father Kelly's No. 1   Father Francis Kelly   Reel   fatherkelly.gif