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Browse through the list below to find a tune you are interested in. You can view sheet music by clicking on the GIF or JPG file, or listen to the tune by clicking on the MIDI file. To see more information about a particular tune, click on its name.
Tune Name Composer Form GIF/JPG File MIDI File
Green Cockade, The   Traditional   Hornpipe   greencockade.gif    
The High Caul Cap   Traditional   Polka   highcaulcap.gif    
The Honeysuckle   Traditional   Hornpipe   honeyskl.gif   honeyskl.mid  
Horne's Pipe   Ross Horne   Hornpipe   horne's pipe.gif    
The Humours of Bandon   Traditional   Set Piece   the humours of bandon.gif   hubandon.mid  
The Ife March   Robin Beech   March   ife march-1.gif   ife march.mid  
Independence Hornpipe   Traditional   Hornpipe   independence.gif    
Inisheer   Thomas Walsh   Waltz   inisheer.gif   inisheer.mid  
Jer O'Connel's   Traditional   Polka   jeroconnel.gif    
Jer O'Connel's   Jer O'Connel (?)   Polka      
Jessica's Polka   Mick Hanly   Polka   jessicapolka.gif    
John Kelly's   Traditional   Polka   johnkellys.gif    
John Pollard's session at Burke's   M. van Dommelen   Slow Air   poll.jpg   poll.mid  
John Ryan's Polka   Traditional   Polka   john ryan's polka.gif    
Josefin's Waltz   Roger Tallroth   Waltz   josefin.gif    
King of the Faeries   Traditional   Set Piece   faeries.gif   faeries.mid  
The Knocknaboul   Traditional   Polka   knock.gif    
Lakes of Sligo   Traditional   Polka   lakesofsligo.gif    
Leaving Glasgow   Traditional   Waltz   glasgow.gif   glasgow.mid  
The Little Heathy Hill   F. O'Neill   Other   the little heathy hill - air.jpg   the little heathy hill - air.mid  
Lucy Farr's   Traditional   Other   lucyfarrs.gif   lucyfarrs.mid  
Maurice Manley's (Ballydesmond Polks #2)   Traditional   Polka   mauricemanley.gif    
McDermott's Hornpipe   Traditional   Hornpipe      
The Men of the West   Traditional   Waltz   menofwest.gif    
Michael Grogan's Fling   Traditional?   Highland (Fling)   michael grogan's fling.gif