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Browse through the list below to find a tune you are interested in. You can view sheet music by clicking on the GIF or JPG file, or listen to the tune by clicking on the MIDI file. To see more information about a particular tune, click on its name.
Tune Name Composer Form GIF/JPG File MIDI File
The Cornkister   Tam Franks   Jig   the cornkister.sib    
Crickets March on the Salt Box   Traditional   Jig   crickets.gif   crickets.mid  
Dever the Dancer   Traditional   Slip Jig   deverthedancer.gif   dever.mid  
Dusty Windowsill   Johnny Harling   Jig   dusty.gif    
The Eavesdropper   Traditional   Jig   the eavesdropper.gif    
Eddie Kelly's Jig   Eddie Kelly   Jig   edkellys.gif   edkellys.mid  
The Fairies Laugh   Rob Steinhofer   Jig   fairieslaugh.jpg    
The Fairy Jig   Traditional   Slip Jig     fairyjig.mid  
Fivais   Ross Horne   Slip Jig   fivais.gif   9`8 mix shift.mid  
The Fly   Hans J°rgen Jensen   Jig      
Galician Carol   Chapel Master, Mondo˝eno Cathedral   Jig   galician carol.gif    
Garrett Bary's   Traditional   Jig   garrett.gif   garrett.mid  
Girls of Banbridge, The   Traditional   Jig   banbridge.gif    
Give Me A Drink of Water   Traditional   Slip Jig     drnkwatr.mid  
Good One side   D. Rigley   Jig   good1.jpg   good.mid  
Graine's Jig   Tommy Peoples   Jig   peopljig.gif   peopljig.mid  
Gusty's Frolics   Traditional   Slip Jig   gusty.gif    
The Hag at the Churn   Traditional   Jig   hagchurn.gif   hagchurn.mid  
Haley's Jig   Traditional   Jig   haleys.gif   haleys.mid  
Handsome Young Maidens, The   Charlie Lennon   Jig   handsome.gif    
Haste to the Wedding   Traditional   Jig   hastewed.gif   hastewed.mid  
Haste To The Wedding   Traditional   Jig   hastetothewedding.gif   hastetothewedding.mid  
Hills of Glenurchie, The   Traditional   Jig   glenurchiejig.gif   hilsglen.mid  
Hughie Travers' Jig   Hughie Travers?   Jig   hughie travers.gif    
Humours of Lisheen   Traditional   Jig   humourslisheen.gif   lisheen.mid