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Browse through the list below to find a tune you are interested in. You can view sheet music by clicking on the GIF or JPG file, or listen to the tune by clicking on the MIDI file. To see more information about a particular tune, click on its name.
Tune Name Composer Form GIF/JPG File MIDI File
Aaron's Key   Maurice Lennon   Jig   aaronskey1.gif   aaron's.mid  
Amy's Slide   Mike Simpson   Slide   amys.gif   amys.mid  
An Sean Duine   Traditional   Jig   duine.gif    
Andy DeJarlis   Traditional   Jig   andydejarlis.gif   andydejar.mid  
Back to the Millwheel (John White's Mother)   Traditional   Jig   millwheel.gif    
Bank of Turf, The   Traditional   Jig   turf.gif    
Banks of Lough Gowna, The   Traditional   Jig   banks_gowna.gif    
The Blue Angel   Traditional?   Jig   blue angel jig.gif    
Bobby Casey's Jig   Traditional   Jig   bobby casey's jig.gif    
Bobby Casey's Jig   Traditional   Jig   bobby casey's jig.gif   bcaseyjg.mid  
Bowman's Bottom   Mike Simpson   Jig   bowmans.gif   bowmans.mid  
The Boys of Coomanore   Traditional   Jig   boyscoom.gif   boyscoom.mid  
Bumper Squire Jones   Traditional   Jig   bumper.gif    
Burnt Old Man, The   Traditional   Jig   burntoldman.gif    
Butlers of Glen Avenue   Anthony Sullivan   Jig   butlers1.gif   butlers.mid  
The Butterfly   Traditional   Slip Jig   buttrfly.gif   buttrfly.mid  
The Cat Rambles to the Child's Saucepan   Traditional   Slide   cat rambles to the child's   cat rambles to the child's  
Caves of Kiltanny   Traditional   Jig   kiltanny.gif    
Christy Barry's   Traditional   Jig   barrys_91800.gif   christy.mid  
The Clare Jig (The Mug of Brown Ale)   Traditional   Jig   clare.gif   clare.mid  
The Cliffs of Moher   Traditional   Jig   cliffsofmoher.gif   cliffsofmoher.mid  
The Cock and the Hen   Traditional   Slip Jig   cock_and.gif   cock_and.mid  
Comb Your Hair and Curl It   Traditional   Slip Jig   comb.jpg   comb.mid  
The Connachtman's Rambles   Traditional   Jig   connachtman.gif   connacht.mid  
Contentment is Wealth   Traditional   Jig   contentment.gif