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Title:   The 42 Pound Cheque
Posted By:   Chris Williscroft, on 3/19/2002
Composer:   Traditional
Date Composed:   (None Available)
Country:   Ireland
Number of Parts:   2
Key/Scale:   C/Ionian (Major)
Form:   Polka
GIF or JPG File:   42 Pound Cheque Polka.gif
MIDI File:   (None Available)
ABC File:   T:42 Pound Cheque Polka, The
S:Chris Williscroft
K:C Ionian
"C"Gc "F"Ac/2A/2 | "C"GC EG | "G"FD AD | "G"G/2A/2G/2F/2 DC |"C"Cc "F"Ac/2A/2 | "C"GC EG | "F"FD "G"d>e | "G"dc "C"c>A ::"C"Gc ec | "F"f>e dc | "G"BG dG | "F"d/2e/2d/2c/2 "G"AG | "C"Gc ec |
"F"f>e dc | "G"B/2A/2"C"G "G"AB |1 "C"c2 c>A :|2 "C"c2 c2 ||

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Notes:   (None Available)