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Title:   Cedars of Lebanon
Posted By:   Richard Adrianowicz, on 2/7/2000
Composer:   Sean Ryan
Date Composed:   Unknown
Country:   Ireland
Number of Parts:   2
Key/Scale:   D/Unknown
Form:   Reel
GIF or JPG File:   cedar.gif
MIDI File:   (None Available)
ABC File:   X:1
T:Cedars of Lebanon, The
C:Sean Ryan
S:Session at Quealy's Bar in Milltown Malbay, 1984
Z:transcription by Richard Adrianowicz
EA,~A,2 A,CEC | D2FA d3e | fd~d2 AFDF | GEFD EGFG |
EA,~A,2 A,CEC | D2FA d3e | fB~B2 ABAD |1 EDCE DEFD :|2 EDCE DEFA |:
dcde fdAd | Adfa bagf | e^def gfga | bgaf gfec |
dcde fd (3.d.d.d | Adfd AFDF |GFGA BcdB |1 AFGE DEFA :|2 AFGE DEFD |

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Notes:   Transcribed from a session recorded at Quealy's Bar during the Willie Clancy Festival in Milltown, Ireland, 1984.