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Tune Name Posted On GIF/JPG File MIDI File
The Ife March   12/9/2002   ife march-1.gif   ife march.mid  
Jackie Coleman's   11/26/2002   jackieco.gif   jackieco.mid  
Pease Straw   11/22/2002   pease_straw.bmp   pease_straw.mid  
John Pollard's session at Burke's   11/9/2002   poll.jpg   poll.mid  
Richard Dwyer's   9/17/2002   richard dwyer's.gif    
SAVE ALLYOUR LOVE FOR ME   9/15/2002      
Colonel Fraser   8/30/2002   colonel fraser - reel.jpg   fraser - reel.mid  
The Fiddler's Frolics   8/30/2002   fiddler's frolic - hornpipe.jpg   fiddler's.mid  
Flowers of the Forest Irish version   8/30/2002   flowers of the forest irish version - air.jpg   flowers of the forest irish version - air.mid  
The Humours of Whiskey   8/30/2002   whiskey.nwc   humours of whiskey - double jig.jpg  
The Humours of Whiskey   8/30/2002   humours of whiskey - double jig.jpg   whiskey.mid  
The Little Heathy Hill   8/30/2002   the little heathy hill - air.jpg   the little heathy hill - air.mid  
Worpel's Hornpipe   8/30/2002   worpel's hornpipe - hornpipe.jpg   worpel's.mid  
Blackberry Blossom   8/26/2002   tuneblackbloss.gif    
The Four Mile Stone   8/26/2002   the four mile stone.gif    
Geordie's Choice   8/26/2002   geordie's choice.gif    
Hughie Travers' Jig   8/26/2002   hughie travers.gif    
Lad O'Beirne's #2   8/26/2002   lad o'beirne's no. 2.gif    
Return to Camden Town   8/26/2002   return to camden town.gif    
Sheep Island   8/26/2002   sheep island.gif    
Statia Donnelly's Jig   8/26/2002   statia donnelly's jig.gif    
Sheep Island   8/25/2002      
Boys of Ballisadare   5/16/2002   boys.gif    
The Fairies Laugh   4/9/2002   fairieslaugh.jpg    
The Fly   3/22/2002