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Tune Name Posted On GIF/JPG File MIDI File
Granny Quinn's Reel   4/19/2007   granny quinn's reel.gif   granny_q.mid  
Wee Cormac   10/12/2005   wee cormac.gif    
Untitled Slide   4/28/2005   untitled slide no. 2.gif    
Untitled Slide   4/28/2005   untitled slide no. 1.gif    
Over the Cliff   4/25/2005   over the cliff.gif    
The Drunken Landlady   8/6/2004   the drunken landlady.gif    
The Eavesdropper   8/6/2004   the eavesdropper.gif    
Joe Cooley's Jig   8/6/2004   joe cooley's jig.gif    
Michael Grogan's Fling   8/6/2004   michael grogan's fling.gif    
Pigeon on the Gate (O'Boyle)   8/6/2004   pigeon on the gate .gif    
The Blue Angel   8/4/2004   blue angel jig.gif    
Bobby Casey's Jig   8/4/2004   bobby casey's jig.gif    
For Michael and Eithne   8/4/2004   for michael and eithne.gif    
Lad O'Byrne's #2   8/4/2004   lad o'byrne's no. 2.gif    
Patrick's   2/3/2004   patricks1.gif   patricks1.mid  
Tomorrow Morning   2/3/2004   tomorrowmorning1.gif   tomorrowmorning1.mid  
Huomors of Salt Lake   1/9/2004   salt lake.jpg   salt lake.mid  
Garrett Bary's   12/3/2003   garrett.gif   garrett.mid  
Out of the Mist   8/29/2003   out of the mist.gif    
Wullafjord   8/23/2003   wullafjord.gif    
The Cornkister   8/7/2003   the cornkister.sib    
Seamen's Club, The   8/7/2003   seamen.jpg    
Eddie Kelly's Reel   8/5/2003   eddie kelly's reel.gif    
The Orphan   5/4/2003   the orphan.gif    
Sgt. Early's Dream   5/4/2003   sgt. early's dream.gif