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Tune Name Composer Form GIF/JPG File MIDI File
The Blue Angel   Traditional?   Jig   blue angel jig.gif    
The Blue Stone   Mike Simpson   Reel   stone.gif   stone.mid  
Bobby Casey's Jig   Traditional   Jig   bobby casey's jig.gif    
Bobby Casey's Jig   Traditional   Jig   bobby casey's jig.gif   bcaseyjg.mid  
Bobby Casey's Reel   Traditional (Bobby Casey?)   Reel   bobby casey's reel.gif    
Boil the Breakfast Early   Traditional   Reel   boil.gif    
Bonnie Anne   Traditional   Reel   bonnieanne.gif    
Boulavogue   Traditional   Waltz   boulavog.gif   boulavog.mid  
Bowman's Bottom   Mike Simpson   Jig   bowmans.gif   bowmans.mid  
Boys of Ballisadare   Traditional   Reel   boys.gif    
The Boys of Bluehill   Traditional   Hornpipe   bluehill.gif    
The Boys of Coomanore   Traditional   Jig   boyscoom.gif   boyscoom.mid  
The Boys of Malin   Traditional   Reel     boysmaln.mid  
The Boys of the Lough   Traditional   Reel   boysofthelough.gif   boysofthelough.mid  
Brenda's Last Straw   Duane Colley   Reel   last_straw.gif    
Brian Boru's March   Traditional   March   brinboru.gif   brinboru.mid  
Brian Boru's March   Traditional   March   brianborus.gif   brianborus.mid  
The Broken Pledge   Traditional   Reel   brknpldg.gif   brknpldg.mid  
The Broken Pledge   Traditional   Reel   broken   broken  
The Bucks of Oranmore   Traditional   Reel   oranmore.gif   oranmore.mid  
Bumper Squire Jones   Traditional   Jig   bumper.gif    
The Bunch of Keys   Traditional   Reel   bunch.gif    
Bundle and Go!   Traditional   Reel   bundleandgo.gif   bundleandgo.mid  
Burnt Old Man, The   Traditional   Jig   burntoldman.gif    
Butlers of Glen Avenue   Anthony Sullivan   Jig   butlers1.gif   butlers.mid